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Sculpture at Evergreen 7: Landscape as Laboratory
May 13 – September 30, 2012

The seventh biennial installment in the Sculpture at Evergreen exhibition series features 10 new site-specific, temporary outdoor installations that are both inspired by and created specifically for Evergreen Museum & Library. Situated on 26 acres, Evergreen’s tranquil but urban setting allows viewers to wander the estate at their own pace to seek out the installations and in doing so learn more about the property’s landscape, architecture, history, and collections.

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Visitor Information

Free and on view throughout the museum grounds, 9am–4:30pm Tuesday–Sunday (gates locked promptly at 5pm).

Exhibition Programs

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Opening Celebration: May 13, 1–4pm, with curator's tour at 2pm / FREE

Guest Curator

Sculpture at Evergreen 7: Landscape as Laboratory is guest curated by John B. (Jack) Sullivan, FASLA, landscape architect and associate professor at the University of Maryland College Park.

The exhibition features work developed by students in Sullivan’s fall 2011 course, Design Fundamentals Studio, and refined and executed spring 2012 by a smaller team of graduate and undergraduate students through an independent study course with Sullivan.

Curator's Statement

The art and science of landscape architecture is never more evident than in the reading and interpretation of a site. A thorough property analysis takes into account seemingly disparate physical and cultural influences. Designers must assess geologic form, solar access, vegetative cover, seasonal rainfall, and surface water character. At the same time, they must take into consideration landscape history, family attachments, individual interests, and the influence of popular tastes on the style and purpose of the built environment. When a site has the cultural and topographical richness of the gardens at Evergreen, translating the significance of this private home and public museum through imaginative design can be both challenging and rewarding. When landscape architecture students are asked to use sculpture as the means by which they will translate their ideas, emotions, and knowledge, the expectations can, at first, appear quite daunting. Nevertheless, with ample encouragement and careful guidance, the University of Maryland students enthusiastically embraced the rigor and joy of exploration, investigation, and discovery, using landscape like a laboratory for envisioning and developing new ideas about the meaning and expression of place.

The student designers became "landscape sculptors," drawing from the many resources at Evergreen and transforming the site through new objects and spaces. Students were inspired by architectural elements associated with the house (Umbrellas), the Garrett family glass collection (Blue Stream and Transparency), and Alice Warder Garrett's wonderful mirrored private bath—and idiosyncratic reception parlor (Illusion Garden). Former site uses also inspired student designers to introduce guests to historic elements such as the site of the glass conservatories (Ghost Greenhouse), the Olmsted Brothers-designed stair into the woods (Entropy), and a more recent horticultural “event,” carefully revealed (Vine Hut). Mrs. Garrett's enthusiasm for the performing arts comes through with sculptural and spatial interpretations for music (Resonance), stage (Beat Boxes), and the theatrical drama that comes from exaggerating scale (Flower Field). In all, 10 installations interpret diverse aspects of the landscape and invite visitors to explore and enjoy this garden, a laboratory for the curious-at-heart.

  • Entropy, concept by Melissa Lodge
  • Flower Field, concept by Rao Fu
  • Ghost Greenhouse, concept by Anna Delos Angeles
  • Umbrellas, concept by Taylor Becker
  • Beat Box, concept by Kai Chen
  • Flow of Silence, concept by Chang Yan
  • Transparency, concept by Megan Lowry
  • Resonance, concept by Stephanie Marino
  • Vine Hut, concept by Erica Thum
  • Illusion Garden, concept by Christiane Machado
  • Ashley Armah (BLA)
  • Erin Batlas (BLA)
  • Taylor Becker (BLA)
  • Matthew Busa (MLA)
  • Kai Chen (BLA)
  • Mingyu Cui (MLA)
  • Anna Delos Angeles (BLA)
  • Edwin Espinoza (BLA)
  • Marlee Finestone (BLA)
  • Rao Fu (BS)
  • Jessica Heinz (BLA)
  • Lyu Kim (BLA)
  • Mira Lee (BLA)
  • Jonathan Lin (BS)
  • Melissa Lodge (BLA)
  • Katherine Lopez (BLA)
  • Megan Lowry (BLA)
  • Christiane Machado (BLA)
  • Stephanie Marino (BLA)
  • Amina Mohamed (BLA)
  • Nicholas Patrick (MLA)
  • Arthur Perez (BLA)
  • Nicholas Perna (BS)
  • Lacreisha Phillips (BLA)
  • Jordan Shilan (BS)
  • Erica Thum (MLA)
  • Sarah Watling (MLA)
  • Chang Yan (BS)

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA)
Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)
Bachelor of Science (BS)


Sculpture at Evergreen 7: Landscape as Laboratory is made possible, in part, by the Maryland State Arts Council. Additional funding is provided by The Hecht-Levi Foundation, Jane Daniels, Cindy and Tom Kelly, C. Lock McGeachy, and other generous contributors.